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Malfare & Nomads


The Malfare department operates 24/7 during the event (and a few days before and after) and their remit is to look after the wellbeing of participants. Many volunteers are involved in this effort, and Malfare also co-ordinates the Nomads. During the event Malfare deals with a wide variety of issues, and is the first point of call for many types of problem, from answering requests for directions, to evicting problematic participants.

During the rest of the year, the Malfare Team;

  • prepares for the next event
  • recruits new team members
  • recruits to the Nomad and Malfare Shift Lead rotas and communicates with volunteers
  • plans training sessions
  • answers email queries
  • liaises with other teams, particularly Consent
  • reviews processes, documentation, the Protocols, and training manuals
  • prints off rotas and other vital documents
  • manages the ordering of supplies and swag (patches)

Roles within Malfare

  • Year round Malfare Lead, Co-Lead, and Malfare Team roles
  • 24 hour Malfare Overwatch shifts by experienced Malfare staff (to support the MSL/AMSLs when things get tough)
  • 9 hour Malfare Shift Lead / Assistant Malfare Shift Lead shifts
  • 6 hour Nomad shifts
  • 6 hour Interpreter shifts
  • 12 hour Designated Driver shifts
  • Link to Malfare Role Descriptions goes here…


Nomads are Nowhere’s Rangers, who patrol around the site in pairs, checking on the safety and wellbeing of participants during 6hr shifts. Full training is provided via Zoom or on site and is mandatory before the first shift. They are trained to mediate situations of conflict and will often be the first point of contact for participants needing assistance.


There are two parts to Nomad training, Part A (theoretical) and Part B (practical) that need to be completed before a first shift. Part A is offered pre-event both via Zoom and onsite, and Part B is offered onsite only. Training must be refreshed every second year. (A)MSL training is usually done onsite, and Overwatch is via mentoring and practical experience.

2023 training schedule:


  • Nomad Training Part A Thu 22nd June 20:00 22:00 Zoom
  • Nomad Training Part A Sun 25th June 20:00 22:00 Zoom


  • Nomad Training Part A Sun 2nd July 10:00 12:15 Ohana House
  • Nomad Training Part B Sun 2nd July 12:30 14:00 Ohana House


  • MSL Training Mon 3rd July 17:00 18:30 Container Village
  • Nomad Training Part B Mon 3rd July 19:00 20:30 Container Village
  • Nomad Training Part A Tue 4th July 14:00 16:15 Container Village
  • Nomad Training Part B Tue 4th July 16:30 18:00 Container Village
  • Nomad Training Part A Thu 6th July 10:00 12:15 Container Village
  • Nomad Training Part B Thu 6th July 12:30 14:00 Container Village

The Protocols

The Nowhere Protocols are a collection of documents designed to guide shift leads in the event of a major incident. They cover a range of potential scenarios, and detail what each team can expect to do before, during, and after such an incident. The current Protocols date from 2015 and rather urgently need updating, and possibly expanding.

Other documentation

Malfare maintains various forms which are printed and used during the event to collect data. These include:

  • Incident Forms
  • 3P Record Forms
  • Malfare Shift Lead Handover Forms
  • Nomad Training and Shift Attendance Records


During Nowhere there is a 24/7 rota of volunteers who speak Eng/Spa or Eng/Spa/Fr (and often many further languages) who are on call in case they are needed. The can be called on by the Malfare Shift Lead for a wide range of reasons, but most often it is to provide interpretation between Malfare and Red Cross, or Malfare and Security, as both these external teams mostly operate in Spanish. Interpreters are given a radio, basic radio training, and can continue to enjoy Nowhere (albeit sober) until their services are needed.

  • Link to Interpreters info doc goes here…

Designated Drivers

During Nowhere there is a 24/7 rota of volunteers who are legal to drive in Spain. Before their shift they must present their driving licence and photo ID at the Production Office and sign the relevant waiver. Like the Interpreters, they are given a radio and are on call. They are largely used for ferrying participants to non-urgent medical care or to run errands into town.

  • Link to Designated Driver info doc goes here…

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

FIST is Nowhere's online volunteer management system. (Does anyone know what FIST allegedly stands for??) Through this rota volunteers are recruited, and it is also used to manage Build volunteers. Those signed up for pre-Gate shifts are automatically granted Early Entry (EE) passes.


Each year all Nowhere departments who need one apply for a budget. This process also informs the ticket price. <More info here on Malfare's budget.>

Behemoth and Inventory

<Info and link to inventory doc goes here>

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