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Toolhaus Inventory Tool

There is an existing system that Toolhaus uses to control it's inventory, however no-one seems to know much about it and Geeks have been requested to assist. After consultation it might be better to rebuild it from scratch.


  • werker?wid=<uuid> Retrieve all known details about Werker
  • tool?tid=<uuid> Retrieve all known details about tool
  • checkout?wid=<uuid>&tid=<uuid> Checkout a tool to a Werker
  • checkin?tid=<uuid> Mark a tool as returned
  • broken?tid=<uuid> Set tool as broken
  • whohas?tooltype=<string> Retrieve list of who has particular type of tool
  • mealping Show all Werkers who have a tool checked out
  • stats Retrieve all stats
  • addwerver?lots Add a Werker to the system
  • updatewerker?wid=<uuid>&newid=<uuid> Update a Werker on the system
  • addtool?lots Add a tool to the system
  • updatetool?lots Update tool details
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