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Across the dusty desert you appeared like a mirage. I was mesmerized at first sight. My family jewels jiggled a bit, but I was carrying them that day for mom. I never forgot you, or that moment. It touched me deep down ( like when I used to go to confessional).

Yes is a Positive expression and exercise in opening ourselves to the world. Full of playfulness and fun, sexiness and joy!

We will be located in the quiet zone and our home is a safe sanctuary for all participants

You have a sense of humor
Your sex drive is higher than Killimanjiaro
You have your shit together (though preferably not in a pile in your bedroom)
You have most (if not all) of your teeth

  • Accepting new members: Our camp is open to new people and they can apply under the "Join us" section of our website : final application deadline 20 june 2017 please apply early since we already have many applications
  • Countries of origin: France,UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, USA and one imaginary friend from Swaziland
  • Languages: English, Spanglish, Italian, French, Klingon