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Welcome to Wonderever’s world of wonderful wanderers!

Since the last 4 years we’ve combined a chill atmosphere with a touch of craziness. Take a bunch of hammocks, pillows and couches and throw them together with a glory hole, rooftop mattresses, a bondage cage, spontaneous borrowed art car parties and voilà .. Wonderever is ready!

We’re a very international crew (even snatched a Philippino!), especially famous for our professional fluffing skills - water pistols! - and unicorn hunting for our bondage cage.

Join us if you like decorating, hammocks, spontaneous experiments, organising workshops for wanderers (one time examples of the past: male lapdancing, improvisation theater, introduction to shibari ..), a vegetarian menu and being part of a cosy home. We’re especially looking for people interested in co-creating Wonderever.

We are full but you can reach us on barrio@zonk.be.

  • Accepting new members: Not anymore :)
  • Countries of origin: Belgium, France, USA, Israel, Netherlands and more depending on new members
  • Languages: English is the barrio language. But we're a very multilingual barrio.