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First to come! Last to pull out!

Werkhaus is home for those who create the Nowhere we love and adore - the volunteers. Before the event, this is one of the first shades to go up. And after the event, this is the last oasis in the desert. During the event, Werkhaus becomes a normal-ish barrio, with paying campers, who enjoy delicious food and drinks while relaxing under our giant shade structure in between shifts and activities. We host werkshops and interactive sessions regarding volunteering, making Nowhere happen, sharing knowledge, etc.

Everyone at Werkhaus volunteers for a variety of roles and shifts. Everyone who camps with us during the event has to volunteer for at minimum amount of NOrg shifts, and/or a minimum amount of days on the build and/or strike crew. All campers at Werkhaus are also expected to take on barrio shifts. This could be cooking, washing dishes, leave no trace, tidying up, bar shifts, build and strike. There's something for everyone.

We work hard & play harder.

  • Contact email is werkhaus@goingnowhere.org
  • Countries of origin: Everywhere
  • Languages: Many, mostly English, French, some Dutch