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* On-site volunteers need to purchase a ticket
* On-site volunteers need to purchase a ticket
* If you have any questions about volunteering, contact [mailto:volunteers@goingnowhere.org volunteers@goingnowhere.org
* If you have any questions about volunteering, contact [mailto:volunteers@goingnowhere.org volunteers@goingnowhere.org]

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We need your help!

Everything at Nowhere is run by volunteers – this means:

Doing shifts at Malfare, helping to greet newcomers at the Gate, delivering the daily post, or giving advice at NoInfo is an integral part of the Nowhere experience and great way to meet others and get more involved.


We need lots of hands in a variety of roles to set up the site, keep things running smoothly during the event, and then pack up when the event is over. You can volunteer for a single shift (around six hours) or you can volunteer to take on a specific role. If you would like to help out during your time at Nowhere, and you’re not sure exactly how, we’ll have you fill out a form (on vroom, read below) to help us find a suitable role for your based on your skills, interests, and availability. You can also email eventvols@goingnowhere.org.

If you’re interested in volunteering pre-event or strike, please email volunteers@goingnowhere.org.


You can check out descriptions of the different roles and apply for shifts or teams on Vroom. Make sure you complete the Vroom profile so we know what to feed you and all that jazz!

Thanks for volunteering! Volunteers are 100% sexier!

Year-Round Roles

We also have some other roles available to help plan and produce Nowhere. If you would like to get more involved that way then one of the roles below might be perfect for you. Take a look at the list below to see what we need right now and contact hr@goingnowhere.org.


  • Purchasing Logistics Volunteer
  • Purchasing Runners
  • Leave No Trace Lead & Co-Lead
  • Storage Co-Lead
  • Malfare Lead & Co-Lead
  • Malfare Build and Strike Operations Lead
  • Malfare Training Lead
  • Lost and Found Lead
  • Inclusion Co-Lead
  • Inclusion Parent Liaison
  • Inclusion Disabilities Liaison
  • Inclusion NEDTalks Coordinator

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