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Nowhere Bus

Our amazing bus crew has organized a few buses from Barcelona and Zaragoza to the land of dust. To see the schedule and purchase tickets, go to the Nowhere Bus Tickets page: https:/ For any questions about the bus, email

Ride Share

Carpooling is a cool way for getting to Nowhere with friends, or for making new friends. You will also help to reduce traffic and air pollution. Ride sharing is also a great way to share on travel costs too. For more details please check the forum

Public Transport

The nearest railway station and bus stop is Sariñena. Please bear in mind that the railway station is about 3km away from the town. Details of public bus and train services can be found here: link title


There is a taxi service from Sariñena to Nowhere and vice versa. Just call: Amadeo Sales: (+34 619 726 466, +34 974 570 138, +34 615 323 632) - Taxis are 4 and 8 spaces. Flat rate; €45 from Sariñena train station, €40 from Sariñena town.