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In Soviet Russia party comes to you.
In Planet Pulpo you can go to party but the party won't come to you :-)

Planet Pulpo is a relaxed barrio that started 4 years ago as a drama-free chilled space and has become more community oriented and more supportive for its underwater creatures.
We are 30 different sea creatures: pulpos, squids, jellyfishes, turtles...

We are tolerant and open minded, a strongly participatory camp that treasures the extreme match of being small and very active.

We are creating a space (in the green zone) that feels like home for the event.
Our chilling space provides sofa, hammocks and mattresses, shade for tents, shower and a really good italian style kitchen.

We’ll host the Pulpo's Shisha Bar to share stories and relax, enjoying a cup of tea and Hookah. Everyone is welcome: come and join our reef for underwater bubbles of smoke!

  • Accepting new members: No, nope, nada, niente.
  • Countries of origin: Italy, USA, Germany, Holland, Austria, Israel, Switzerland, who knows?
  • Languages: English, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian.