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Leave No Trace (LNT)

Essentially, you take responsibility for your environmental impact. We leave only footprints – dust to dust. It is up to each of us to ensure the long-term survival of our event – and environment – by practising LNT. Remember to leave enough time to help pack up, clean up and ensure you LEAVE NO TRACE. There must be no evidence you were ever at Nowhere. Do a sweep of your tent area If you are with a barrio, do a line sweep of your camp with your campmates, making sure you cover the whole area, and picking up every single piece of MOOP. Nothing is too small. If it wasn’t there before you arrived, it must not be there when you leave Sort your trash and recycling for drop-off at allocated sites on your way home Do not dump your trash anywhere in neighbouring communities that is not a designated trash or recycling site Stop periodically and check to make sure your vehicle’s load is secured and hasn’t loosened in the wind If you are caught fly tipping/littering or dumping rubbish out of the designated sites you will be banished to MOOP hell. Forever!

Thank you for taking Leave No Trace seriously. THIS IS YOUR EVENT. BE KIND TO IT AND IT WILL BE KIND TO YOU. If you need any suggestions, such as how to make portable ashtrays, or MOOP bags etc. please contact the LNT leads

Please note that (food and beverages) DONATIONS to the Werkhaüs WILL NOT be accepted. Ensure that you take all your extra supplies with you.

Environmental Issues

Nowhere is committed to minimizing our environmental impact. For advice on how to make your Nowhere experience ‘greener’, please check