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Infrastructure is an umbrealla term for everthing on the Playa that is crucial to enable the event itself or adds to the comfort of the Participants during the event. Every single bit of infrastructure at Nowhere is created by Volunteers.

While most infrastructure is set up before the event by the respective members of Build Crew all of it need to be maintained through the week by their various responsible groups and crews. They usally have one or more Leads that work year round to ensure the structure is on site and constantly accesible. Many of these groups have grown to tight knit communities within the general population. Since Nowhere has adopted Leave No Trace as a Core Principle all the infrastructure is taken down and moved off site during Strike.

The Safe House can be considerd as a part of infrastructure allthough it is off site and located within the town of Sariñena.

List of Groups and Crews

This is a (most likely incomplete) list of the individual entites that form the infrastructure of Nowhere

Retired Groups and Crews

Are there any parts of Infrastructure that have ceased existence?