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Harsh Environment

Nowhere takes place in the Spanish desert, in a very hot, harsh climate, with none of the amenities of modern life. Expect temperatures of well over 40 Celsius (over 105 Fahrenheit). Be prepared! It takes time to adjust to the desert climate. Don’t be surprised if you spend your first day or so feeling a bit queasy and cranky. BEWARE: things you can handle in the default world may hit you much harder out here! Respect the sun at Nowhere! It is not the place to work on your tan! Stay out of the sun from 1-4pm (try a siesta). Use hats, shades, sunscreens and shelters to minimize your exposure.


REMEMBER TO ‘PISS CLEAR’. Clear urine is the best sign that you are hydrated. Drink all the time, even if you are not thirsty. SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION: headaches, stomach cramps, abdominal pains, constipation or flu-like symptoms. It can appear as both heat-related and cold-related symptoms (sunstroke and hypothermia). If you or someone you know complains of these symptoms, or shows signs of either severe overheating or (worse) a case of chills under the midday sun, get them to shade immediately and have someone contact Malfare. Use of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs will place you particularly at risk of dehydration, and you should pay careful attention to your water intake. SOME SIGNS THAT YOU MAY NOT BE DRINKING ENOUGH WATER:

  • You don’t carry a water bottle with you at all times
  • You swill instead of drinking deeply
  • You wait to drink until you’re thirsty... this is too late!
  • You become cranky
  • Your urine is anything but clear and abundant.


There may be bugs at Nowhere. MAKE A HAND WASHING STATION AND WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY (after using the toilets, before preparing, cooking or consuming food; after a group activity where contact was made). Also bring hand sanitizer and use it often. Keep the food surfaces in your camp/barrio as clean as possible. Wash your dishes in soapy water and rinse them in water that has two teaspoons of Eco-friendly bleach added for every four liters. If you exhibit symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, high fever, jaundice and malaise, you may be sick from contaminated food. Seek medical attention immediately and do not handle food. [1]

Personal safety and Sex

Nowhere is built on community, and is the chance to make fantastic new friends – especially safely, one step at a time: Introduce yourself to your local volunteers Work together to keep your neighborhood secure Let someone know where you’re going if you wander off alone or with a new friend, and check in frequently. Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet Secure your valuables when away from your camp Use your instincts

Nowhere can be an erotically charged environment. We want to help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring that sex-positive free expression thrives! It is imperative to know and express your own sexual boundaries and to ask about and respect your partners’ boundaries. SILENCE IS NOT CONSENT! Communication is the best lubricant! Always ask and wait for a yes! To find out more, get in B.E.D .

Respectful Photography

Nowhere is a special place, where people are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of colourful ways. It is a ready feast for the eyes, and the camera. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION. DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE’S PHOTO AGAINST THEIR WILL. In the event that you have a dispute with someone about photography, please flag down a No-Mad or come to Malfare so that the volunteers there can help to mediate the situation. Your right to take someone’s photo and publish it NEVER over-rules their right to privacy! If posting photos onto Facebook or other social networking sites, MAKE 100% SURE that EVERYONE featured in your photos is happy for them to be posted. You should not be tagging people online unless you have their explicit permission NO photos should be taken and published for COMMERCIAL USE without the written permission of the Nowhere Organization Private camps are sacred ground: do NOT enter someone else’s camp and take photographs! Anyone recording video must follow the same rules. We do have some approved journalists onsite – their cameras are marked with a ‘Media’ tag, and you can ask them not to photograph or film you.


In order to respect privacy and boundaries, unauthorized drone flight isn’t permitted on site during the event. Although Nowhere, its surroundings, and its Nobodies are beautiful and photogenic, just like with pictures it’s essential to get permission before taking any footage of someone; unfortunately, with drones it’s impossible to do so.

You can fly your drone OFFSITE, but you absolutely must stay 50m horizontal from the site perimeter. Specific flights can be permitted only if OKed by the comms team beforehand, and then can be carried out under supervision. Unauthorized flights will probably be shot down with a giant slingshot. Email comms team for more info.

Sound Advice

Nowhere is a 24-hour experience on a small site. It is important to strike a balance between noise and quiet. You might want to sleep while others are partying and vice-versa. For this reason we do ask that you control how far your sound travels across Nowhere. Ear plugs are available at Welfare enough for those having trouble sleeping! You may wish to camp away from dance areas and sound systems, especially if you are sensitive to noise or have children. A map of expected sound zones will be posted at the Greeter station, allowing you to survey where you might like to camp (and where it might be quiet for sleep).

Respecting Your Surroundings

Certain areas of the site will be fenced off for your safety. Many areas surrounding the site contain holes, surface cracks and deep divots. The hills are made of loose clay and are not suited for climbing. Anyone who leaves the site places themselves at severe risk of injury.

Plan your Nowhere!

Are you running a workshop, party, arts, yoga, massage or any other type of event at Nowhere? If so, don’t forget to ensure it is listed in the What? Where? When? Guide! so that everyone else knows about it. Register your event online at Please remember: if you are hosting your event at a Barrio or other location, check with your hosts before adding your event.

Even if you are not adding an event to the What? Where? When? Guide!, make sure you check it out online so that you can start planning your Nowhere. You can create and print out a customized list of events you want to remember, save it to your phone, or even print out the whole guide to take with you. A limited number of printed copies of the What? Where? When? Guide! will also be available on site. Any changes to the schedule during the event will be on the NoInfo whiteboard.

Something Lost, Anything Found?

Then Lost & Found at NoInfo is your place to be. Open from 10am to 6pm everyday. Have items that are irreplaceable or otherwise valuable to you? Then please write/engrave/embed/install your name and Barrio-name or address on-site to be sure that it will be re-united with you at some point during the event! After the event you can contact to check if your valuables are found. Found something which has a name and Barrio-name? Please return it yourself to the right Barrio! Anything that’s still in the L&F by Monday July 10th at 1pm will be gifted (except the valuables, as above), to follow a proper Burning principle. It will all be donated to Strike, Costume camp and/or to a local charity after the event.


There is an extreme risk of wildfire in Los Monegros in July, and there is a total ban on fire in this area, including the entire Nowhere site. This is enforced by law.

Fire Rules

  • No fireworks
  • Do not discard cigarette butts
  • Do not light barbecues or other fires (gas barbecues and gas camping stoves are okay, solid fuel of any kind is not)
  • No fire art or burning of art installations or rubbish
  • No playing with fire toys outside of the designated areas and times

Provided @ Nowhere


NoInfo is a central information desk providing advice, assistance and information, as well as ice. It’s where you should go to hand in or seek lost property, and is also where to see the daily What Where When Guide whiteboard, the guide to daily events at Nowhere. NoInfo is open from 10am to 6pm.

NoPost is usually found at NoInfo too; send someone a postcard at their camp or volunteer to deliver the mail - everyone loves the postperson!

Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere (MON): a large communal space, with shade and a sound system that hosts workshops, performances, talks and live concerts.

Welfare and medical services

The ‘medical complex’ (sometimes just called ‘Malfare’) is a 24/7 volunteer-run operations centre for medical, welfare and safety matters. The focus is on participant well-being, for when things move beyond what can reasonably be expected under radical self-reliance. Within the medical complex, there are several different services:

Welfare Enough offers a 24 hour service and provides a safe and sober space for participants to collect themselves in a quiet place, receive some emotional support, or rehydrate with a non-alcoholic beverage. Welfare Enough does not offer any medical services and cannot help with injuries or physical health issues. Participants can go directly to the Welfare Enough dome without checking in at Malfare first.

Red Cross can provide medical advice, medicine, stitches, IVs, and transportation (via an ambulance) to the hospital - which is 45min/1hr away. If you need to access the Red Cross, go to the Malfare tent in the complex.

Trained Malfare volunteers called ‘No-Mads’ will be walking around the site and are available to deal with any concerns you may have and provide information on welfare and medical services. You can recognize them by their blue vests/gilets. If you think you or anyone around you may need medical assistance, or if you see people behaving in a way you feel is dangerous, notify any member of the Malfare team. Malfare also co-ordinates on-site translation, and may be able to help you communicate with medical personnel on-site (the Red Cross). Malfare will help you get off site via the Red Cross. Malfare can give you the information needed for you or your campmates to get to hospital. Keep in mind, the hospital will ask for your medical card and/or money for services. Contact Malfare pre-event (until June 27) at .

Due to the size of event, Nowhere is required to have an approved evacuation plan in place and a means of communicating it to all attendees. When you arrive you will receive a single piece a paper with information about the safety & emergencies procedures. We ask that you read this and discuss it with your campmates, people camping near you, and complete strangers (we call them new friends).

'PLEASE NOTE': phone coverage may be limited at Nowhere. If you need information on arranging transport to a medical centre, please come to Malfare.

For persons with disabilities who have specific questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Inclusion.

Health Centres

For emergencies, there are health centres (centros de salud) in:

SARIÑENA: 25 minutes away. Address: Carretera Zaragoza Telephone: +34 974 571 027 (emergencies) or +34 974 571 202 (bookings)

HUESCA (HOSPITAL): over 1 hour away.Address: Hospital San Jorge. Avenida Martínez de Velasco, 36, 22004 Huesca. Telephone: +34 974 247 000

Health centres will treat anyone for free but you will pay for any medication. If a hospital visit is required you will have to pay if you don’t have a European Health Insurance Card.


Portable toilets, wheelchair access, urinals and long drop (with a view) toilets are all available at Nowhere. There are some key differences compared to domestic toilets: Only the 3 Ps should go in any toilet: Pee, Poop, Paper. NO wet wipes, tampons, plastic or any other objects please Each cubicle is regularly stocked with toilet paper, a bucket, a brush and hand sanitiser When you are finished using the long drops toilets, lift the toilet seat, throw in some soil from the bucket over your 3 Ps, brush area if necessary and untie / close the lid to avoid those nasty flies flying in and out. Refill the bucket if empty and use plenty of sanitiser before leaving to seek your next adventure Find lots more information and advice on our web page

Toilets are looked after by an army of awesome SHIT Ninjas. Each barrio has one and their name will be posted by each toilet. If there is a problem with a toilet (lack of paper/hand sanitiser, etc), please let them know so that the problem can be fixed ASAP and to everyone’s benefit. Human feces are toxic and can cause serious illness. Please don't poop anywhere other than the toilets provided!