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About 20% of Nowhere attendees choose to Freecamp rather than join a barrio. Freecamping can mean greater independence, but also greater self-reliance is required compared to being a barrio member. Freecampers must make provision to supply all their own water, food, shade, and dispose of their own rubbish.

Freecamp is divided into several sound policy zones (from loud to quiet), so make sure you choose the one which suits you best. There will be a map of the sound zones at Gate. The Freecamp Quiet Zone area is tents only. It is usually possible to get a good night’s sleep in the Quiet Zone, so some barrio members choose to camp there too for this reason.

This year some freecampers are raising funds to provide water cubes. Freecampers who contribute to the fundraising can use this water to drink and shower. For more info and to contribute, visit . However those not participating in this scheme need to provide all their own water for their needs.

All structures taller than 2.5 meters will be inspected on a daily basis by a Nowhere technician, to certify their integrity and stability.

The MOFF (Middle Of Fortunate Freecamp) is a shaded social space which can be used to hold a workshops and social events (by anyone, not just freecampers.) It can be booked while on site via the noticeboard which will be in the MOFF (and be sure you also tell NoInfo!)

For more information, join the Facebook Freecamper group or email