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What is Nowhere?

Nowhere is often described as a festival or as an arts event, but it can be many things. Based on the principles of radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, no commerce, participation and leave no trace, it’s what the participants (sometimes called No-oners or Nobodies) make of it.

Is Nowhere the same as Burning Man?

No. They are based on the same principles, but there are plenty of differences too. Nowhere is far smaller, with around 3000 participants (though growing every year) compared with 70,000 at Burning Man. Located in Spain, the majority of participants (although by no means all) are based in Europe, creating a different cultural atmosphere. However, there is a certain degree of crossover in attendees and many who enjoy one enjoy the other.

Where is Nowhere?

Nowhere is in a beautiful location in the Spanish desert, between Zaragoza and Barcelona. From site, it’s 12km down gravel roads to the nearest village and 19km to the nearest station, but we send detailed directions out in the survival guide. You can use the Getting there sectionand the forums to arrange transport and ride shares.

Do I have to join a camp?

Most people join together in theme camps (known as barrios). You’re welcome to join an existing camp, set up a new barrio or simply camp on your own – but don’t forget that you need to bring everything you need, including food, water and shade. This can be easier when the workload is spread over a barrio community, but this is no reason not to go it alone! Check out the barrios section of the forumsto see which camps are after members.

What’s this about no money?

Nowhere is a no-commerce event. This means that nothing will be sold during the event (ice is the only exception, and that’s for obvious health reasons!), and you aren’t allowed to sell things when you’re there. We encourage you to explore the principles of a commerce-free system, and to gift away to your heart’s content. See https://www.goingnowhere.org/en/whatisnowhere/selfreliance self-reliance]and no commerce <- Dead link

What about food and water?

You MUST bring enough food and water for the duration of the event. Please see self-reliance.<- Dead link

What about camping and survival equipment?

You need to bring everything you’ll need to survive in the harsh Spanish desert. It tends to be very hot during the day (around 37°C/99°F) and pretty cold at night (10°C/55°F), and we’ve have some impressive storms and flooding before – and you need to be prepared for it all! Please see self-reliance. <- Dead link

What does my ticket price cover?

Your ticket allows you entry to the event and the cost goes towards paying for toilets, the central structure, Malfare, storage, site hire, and a plethora of other expenses vital to making Nowhere happen. It does not provide you with food, water or camping equipment. Barrios charge fees, which are separate to the ticket price (what the barrio fee covers depends on the barrio, but it may include food, alcohol and the costs of running a really awesome sound system). We also put 10% of ticket sales into art grants. You can see how the money is spent in our accounts.<- Dead link

So if I buy a ticket, you’ll provide me with the best party I’ve ever been to?

We’ll provide you…? No. One of Nowhere’s central principles is participation.<- Dead link Everyone who comes is expected to contribute in some way. Sitting at the sidelines watching and expecting people to entertain you is not in the spirit of Nowhere.

Can I make art?

Damn right! Nowhere is, among other things, an arts event, and we encourage participants to create and contribute art. See the art and art grants section for more information.

But I can’t build stuff or make art! What can I do?

Contribute in any way you can. You could cook for your camp, give manicures, massages, presents or performances, and anything else that takes your fancy! Everyone has a valuable contribution to make – here are some more ideas.<- Dead link

Actually, I do have this idea, but I couldn’t do it on my own. Can I get help?

Join the Nowhere mailing list and ask if people want to collaborate with you. You can also find out about projects, post your ideas and connect with other participants on the forums.

I’d like to help out, but honestly, I have no skills. What can I do?

At Nowhere, we’re all volunteers, and we always need more help! Two thirds of Nowhere participants volunteer in some capacity during, before or after the event. Skills are less important than a can-do attitude and the willingness to work hard. You could come early and help set up, or stay late and help clear up. There’s also the valuable task of ‘fluffing’ – walking round with water, sunscreen and snacks to look after people working in the sun. See volunteer positions for the roles we’re recruiting for now or email [volunteer@goingnowhere.org to offer more general help.

What is ‘leave no trace’?

Leave no trace<- Dead link means just that – leaving no trace that you were ever there. Far from what you might be used to at some festivals, every last beer can and sequin must be disposed of after the event. You are PERSONALLY responsible for every single thing you take to site – all your rubbish must be taken away with you.

Leave no trace doesn’t just mean picking up the odd bit of rubbish though. Once the event finishes, we have to take down all the structures, pack up all the building materials etc, store it all, and then clear the site of any stray MOOP (matter out of place). There’s a lot of work to be done after the party’s over, so please let us know if you can stay an extra day to help.

Can I bring my fire toys?

There are very strict fire restrictions in Spain during the summer, but we usually have a fire show. Please email info@goingnowhere.org with any questions about using fire safely at Nowhere.

I have some health issues – is there medical support?

You are responsible for your own health, safety and well-being at all times during the event. We have a volunteer welfare team (called Malfare) who can help you with medical and safety issues and there are professional paramedics on site at all times, but your well-being is your responsibility. Anyone with specific health or accessibility concerns should email malfare@goingnowhere.org prior to the event.

Can I bring a truck?

The track to the site is not paved so please email us atinfo@goingnowhere.orgfor advice.

How do I get my stuff to Spain?

Join the Nowhere mailing list and ask on the forums if anyone else is going from your area, as you may be able to rent a truck together, or have your stuff shipped.

Can I use a video camera?

Yes, you can, but please read the Nowhere film and video guidelines first.

Will my phone work?

Yes, but we’d prefer you to turn it off – it’s so much nicer to leave the real world behind for a few days!

Where can I buy supplies?

The nearest village to the site has a few small shops and a bank. Larger supermarkets and DIY stores can be found in Zaragoza. More details are in the survival guide sent out before the festival.

Can I bring my kids?

Children are welcome, and people do bring their children. However, Nowhere is NOT a child-orientated event and you should read the Children at Nowhere FAQ before ordering tickets.

I’ve still got questions!

Email us at info@goingnowhere.org and we’ll do our best to answer it, or you can post it on the forums and let the community help.