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Go back to the Survival Guide

Nowhere is at: GPS: 41°40'45.4" North 0°09'04.3 West" (or 41.679270, -0.151182 if you prefer.)

Start with the REPSOL gas station on your left and head out of Sariñena (put km at 0) After 400 meters, pass on the bridge and go right At km 7.4 turn right (there's a big brown sign that reads RUTA JUBIERRE) At km 11 the road forks, keep to your left At km 12.2 the road forks again, keep to your right At km 13.3 cross the bridge At km 13.9 the road takes a 90 degree angle (there's a COTO DEPORTIVO DE CAZA sign), follow the road up towards the Ermita (small church you'll see after a few metres on your left) At km 14, pass the Ermita on your left and keep going straight At km 14.6 you'll find the fork to go to the 2013 Nowhere site, DON'T TURN, KEEP GOING STRAIGHT At km 15.1 you will pass the turning to the right to the 2016 Nowhere site. Again DON’T TURN, KEEP GOING STRAIGHT At 16.1 turn left onto the road to Nowhere… At 18.5 you will reach Gate. WELCOME HOME!

Where is everything? You can download the most-recent version of a site map at www.goingnowhere.org/sitemap [1]