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Nowhere's 10 core principles


The freedom to be yourself

Be the person you are. Be the person you want to be. We respect and value you, and expect the same from you. You have the freedom to be yourself. Become who you are.


You are responsible for you, mentally and physically

From food and water to a hug or quiet, you need to take care of yourself in Nowhere’s challenging environment. Give yourself what you need – and ask others for help when you need it.

No commerce

Forget about money – there’s nothing to buy

By removing commerce from our community, we create co-operation and participation. We plan ahead and work together. We live without money to remind us of what’s really important.

Leave no trace

From dust to dust, we leave only footprints

We care for the environment, and we take care of our home. We clean up after ourselves; we leave nothing behind; we leave no trace we were there. From dust to dust, we leave only footprints.


Get involved – Nowhere is what we make it

The more you do, the more you get back. When you join others in play and in work, you are part of Nowhere. Your contribution is more valuable than you realise.


Everyone is welcome to be a Nobody

We welcome everyone for their unique contribution to our community. Include others as you want to be included, with respect, consideration and tolerance.


We give our time, effort and gifts freely

We give to help others and because it makes us feel good. From a cold beer to digging out a tent pole to a small badge, our gifts are from our heart.


Together we are stronger

From how we work together to how we communicate, co-operation is at Nowhere’s core. If we can make life easier, we will. If we can make life better, we will. Together we are stronger.


A family of individuals, we look after each other

A family of individuals, we look after each other. A diverse group of separate self-reliant beings, we are united in our need to be part of something larger than ourselves. Community, others, self – united by tolerance and joy.


Make now count

Be now here, be nowhere. Make now count. All this will soon be gone, so enjoy now. Experience, participate, be. This is all there is, so enjoy it!