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A Barrio is Nowheres incarnation of a theme camp. They are a key part to the event as they provide a manyfold of interactive gifts to the Playa.

What is a Barrio

Barrios provide sound and dancefloors, public shade, space for workshops and run open bars to name a few key functions many of these camps have in common. They further provide shared infrastructure to their members which often include Watercubes, a Kitchen and Showers. As Barrios vary wildly in size and number of members, their infrastructure and gifts can vary as well. Each Barrio has a dedicated space for camping which is not part of the Freecamping. Barrios need to register with Noorg in advance of the event and comply with the rules and guidelines that are announced through the annual Letter to Barrios.

According to the results from the 2016 Census 70% of the responding Participants were part of a Barrio.

Most Barrios charge a fee to their members to refinance the gifts they offer. They are required to have a designated Lead.

Barrios can trace their origin to [Burning Man]s theme camps that are an essential part of most [Burn]s around the world.

Resources on Creating and Running a Barrio

There is a helpful introduction on Nowheres website here

Facebook has an active group for Nowhere Barrio Organisers

List of Barrios


Inactive or Deceased