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Nowhere loves art. Whether you're a seasoned artist with loads of experience, or just a big dreamer who's never picked up a paintbrush before, Nowhere offers loads of information, resources, and even grants to help you realise your vision in the dusty desert.

To avail yourself of Nowhere's art grant, you'll need to apply. Check out the Art Grant Aims and Guidelines to learn about application deadlines and what the Art Team is looking for.

Our FAQ addresses the questions you've had about creating art for Nowhere, from how to build a structure that can withstand the harsh environment, to how to access our electrical grid or tools, and other critical information to help plan your project. We've tried to answer everything, but you can also email us.

Not applying for a grant but still want to bring art? Please register your art! The benefits for you - and us - are many. Jump to that question here.

   When you're ready to apply for a grant, or register your art piece, fill out the Art Registration Form.

Top tips

   The Nowhere Build Guide - a must-read for anyone wanting to build art at Nowhere
   The Nowhere Sound FAQ - want to use amplified sound in your piece? Read this!
   The Nowhere Power FAQ - essential info on electricity at Nowhere. 
   The Nowhere Art Cars FAQ - all your questions on art cars, answered.
   Crowdfunding Your Project - tips and tricks for running a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the costs of your project.
   The Nowhere general FAQ - for broader questions if you are new to the event. 
   Filming and Photography FAQ - if you want to take photos or film during the event, please respect our policies, and the privacy of attendants. 

Multiple projects

Will the art grant ...

   fund more than one of my projects? In the past, the art grant has funded multiple projects of a single person. Overall, this is fine as long as the person/group submitting for more than one project can give the Art Team credible evidence that they have time/energy/manpower/resources to do all they are setting out to do. Additionally, the projects have to be distinct from one another - so no splitting a single project in two halves so as to get twice the amount of a grant!


Will the art grant ...

   cover the cost of my ticket? No. Every person entering Nowhere needs to buy a ticket, regardless if they are part of a group setting up an art project, or not. So if your team is 10 people, you will need 10 tickets. Tickets are Nowhere's only way to finance the event - and offer art grants - so everyone has to buy a ticket. 


Will the art grant ....

   cover my personal travel costs to and from the festival? No.
   cover the transport costs of my art installation? Maybe. It's decided on a case-by-case basis.

Project registration

   art3 - photo by UgoWho must register?  Any artist who is applying for an art grant must register their art piece. The registration form is the main grant application form. Anyone bringing an art car must also register in order for your vehicle to receive a permit to drive around the Nowhere site.
   I'm not bringing an art car or applying for a grant. Can I still bring art to Nowhere? Yes, do it. Like all artists, you'll still need to buy your own ticket, and you definitely have to abide by our Leave No Trace guidelines, and a number of other rules. We'd also really encourage you to register it with our art team (see below for why). We love spontaneous art and self expression, so please feel free to just show up and do something amazing.
   Why should I tell the art team about my project if I'm not asking for a grant? Registering will give you many advantages:
       If you have an installation or have a particular location planned for your workshop/performance, your art will be placed on the official map.
       If you offer a performance or workshop at a certain time, you will be included in the main performance programme.
       If your project needs power, we can hook up registered projects to our electrical grid.
       If you need tools, registered projects also get access to Kunsthaus, Nowhere's tool repository for artists (handy if you've forgotten your screwdriver, but don't fancy an 80km trek to get one).
       After the event, your work will be immortalised in our Art Archive, so that everyone can be inspired by your art.


   How can I find out more information about Nowhere's power supply for artists? Our Power Team has created this nifty Power FAQ, otherwise email  power@goingnowhere.org (and cc  art@goingnowhere.org) so that both teams know about your specific needs.


   My art project has to be built on a completely flat surface. Can this be done? We can try. The site that Nowhere takes place on is sloped in many places, but there are some places that are almost flat. Make sure you mention this requirement in your project description. Although nothing is completely level, our placement team can place you on the best suited place for your art project. We advise you to liaise with the Placement team ( placement@goingnowhere.org), and if it really needs to be flat we can ask the digger to help out.

   Can I choose where my art project goes? For example, near where I'm camping? Maybe. Our policy is that art is for art's sake and a gift to the community, and so if it's too close to, or forms part of, your personal camping area then it wouldn't be eligible as art (and would be dealt with as a barrio.)
   For all other locations, our Placement team will try to respect your preferred location, although that may not be possible, particularly if it needs a power supply. The more power your art project needs, the closer it needs to be to a generator. Additionally, if your art project produces noise or anything else that can bother barrios or campers then Placement will keep some distance between your art project and the barrio/camping zone.

Leave No Trace

I'm aware the Leave No Trace (LNT) guidelines are really important. What specifically should I bear in mind when thinking about LNT and my art project? We have tried to summarise the main points below. The below guidelines apply to ALL art pieces at Nowhere, and not just projects we offer grants for. If you apply for a grant, we will require you fill a short LNT document as part of your application, so that we can appreciate ahead how much thinking you have put into this.

   Packaging: What kind of packaging will you need to bring your art project safely to Nowhere? Will it need to be disposed of afterwards or reused, and can the amount of packaging be reduced? How will you store this packing until you leave the event?  Polystyrene foam packing balls, for example, would best be avoided! If you're in need of advice, email our Leave No Trace team ( lnt@goingnowhere.org) who can help you brainstorm an idea. 
   Water: Waste water can't be thrown directly onto the ground of the festival site, so if your project uses water, please get in touch with the Leave No Trace team. If your waste water contains chemicals (paint, varnish) then you most likely should evaporate this on a black tarp, then dispose of the tarp post-event.

Strike (a.k.a cleaning up afterwards!)

   Can I donate my art project to Nowhere so I don't have to bring it home? No. Unfortunately, you cannot leave your project with Nowhere as a donation. Everything you bring in must be taken out with you. We do not organise disposals or waste removals for projects. You need to plan to take your art home as a whole, or broken down into smaller pieces. If you leave any trace of your project behind, it leaves Nowhere with high disposal bills and fines from the local Spanish authorities, eventually leading to an increase in ticket prices. Please help us to prevent this from happening!
   What's the best way to remove my project after the event? This is up to you to figure out. Plan how your art can be kept, driven back home and maybe even reused for another project. Some barrios and participants pay for storage space in a nearby city, so if you want to keep parts from one year to the next near the Nowhere site, write to the Art team for more information.
   Remember - you can't dump it! We have a strong Leave No Trace policy, and you cannot leave your art project anywhere on site, or dump it anywhere nearby. There are allocated sites for the disposal of personal waste, but they are not big enough that they can accomodate parts of bigger structures. 


   Can I burn my art at the end of/during the event?  No. There are very strict fire restrictions in Spain during the summer. At Nowhere, we are forced to operate a total ban on solid fuels and on anything that may generate sparks that could fly away and set the vegetation in the area on fire.
   What about using fire as part of my art project? Gas and petrol flames are allowed. You will need to produce a risk assessment. If you are thinking about art with liquid or gas flames then please talk to fire leads ( fire@goingnowhere.org) and to Health & Safety ( healthandsafety@goingnowhere.org) for help with safety and support completing the risk assessment.

Early entry

   I want to come before the event starts to build my project, when can I get on site?  The general rule is the Friday before the event, when our Gate actually opens. You will need an EE (early entry) code from us, which we will give to you and your team. If you have a huge structure and you need more time and/or extra EE codes, let us know as soon as possible so we can figure details and coordinate with the Gate team.


   burning cubes heart2-2014What conditions should my project be able to survive?  This is important! Your project (and you) should be able to deal with heat, strong winds (for several days on end, sometimes), rain and dust. We have experienced strong and violent climatic events in the past years so there is a likelihood that your art work will get damaged and/or destroyed. 
   What are my responsbilities as an artist, when thinking about construction? We require that you plan ahead accordingly, in terms of strength and stability of the structure. You also need to think of a plan B and of the generated costs, in case you cannot bring your project back home or store it, but need to dispose of it. If you do want to make a plan B, given the scale or nature of your art work, you can detail the estimated costs of removal by a local waste company inside a section of your application form, when submitting it. The Leave No Trace team can help you evaluate the risks and the associated costs. You can contact them at  lnt@goingnowhere.org. 
   The Nowhere event does not have the ability to finance the removal of big amounts or large dimension pieces of art waste should your work get destroyed. It remains your own responsibility.
   Do you have any other advice? For useful information on how to build sturdy and safe structures at the Nowhere event, we strongly advise that you also read the Nowhere Build Guide.
   Can people at Nowhere help me build my project? Maybe if you're lucky, but don't count on it. You should come expecting to be totally self-reliant. The Art Team can offer planning assistance with your project, and to help you liaise with other teams. On site we also offer a work shade and some tools to borrow, but we won't help you to actually build your project. You might want to consider posting ahead on the Nowhere forums, on Facebook groups, or talking to friends who are going to put together a team of volunteers for construction. This is also a great way to interact with other participants and to get to know each other!
   Can I borrow tools at Nowhere to build my project?  Yes. The Art Team has a list of the tools available for artists, so email us at  kunsthaus@goingnowhere.org, and we will give you more details. Our tools are in a limited number though, so the more you can bring yourself, the better. In case you need bigger equipment like a power auger, etc. we suggest you ask your neighbors/ barrios and other artists and you share the equipment together. Please note that Toolhaus, which also lends out tools, is only for official Nowhere infrastructure projects. Kunsthaus is the space and tool shed available for artists and barrios.


   To what extent am I responsible if someone injures themselves on my project?  Your art is your responsibility as a creator during the build and during the event. Please keep in mind that your work will be subjected to difficult climatic conditions, and that since interactivity and self-expression are essential elements of Nowhere, participants will likely play with your work, maybe in more ways than you can imagine (climb, jump, write on it etc.). Be informed and be prepared!
   If you have not (yet) read our Terms and Conditions, here is an excerpt on that particular point:
   DISCLAIMER: THE PARTICIPANT VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES THE RISK OF PROPERTY LOSS, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH BY ATTENDING THIS EVENT, AND ASSUMES AS WELL FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION.Art installations, theme camps (Barrios), vehicles, events and performances are not owned or operated by Nowhere (Europe) Ltd and/or Nowhere España (‘NOrg’) and therefore the Participant also assumes any and all risk of injury or loss associated with or arising from their operation or occurrence and release NOrg from any claim arising from this risk. The Participant agrees to hold NOrg, its officers, directors, members, employees, volunteers, representatives, agents, contractors and subcontractors, and other participants, harmless from any damages, injuries, losses, liabilities and expenses relating to, resulting from or arising out of the participation in any programme, event, activity or service at the Event. The Participant also agrees that the present terms and conditions shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under all applicable law. 
   How can I make my project safer? You will need to pay extra attention to moving/removable parts, to sharp edges, to any surface higher than 1.5m, to making your installation visible at night even if it is closed/inactive and to electrical safety (protection of the cables, from lightning etc.). If you're using a generator, you'll need to have a fire extinguisher nearby which complies with the equipment used and with regulations. (Please check the Power FAQ on such matters and get in touch with the Power Team: power@goingnowhere.org)

The funds

   I was awarded a grant! How and when do I get the money?  Congratulations! The first thing you need to know is that we only refund your costs in the form of the grant after the event. Artists have to send to art@goingnowhere.org all their scanned receipts, and their banking details (IBAN, name and address of the artist and of their bank, and the artist's passport number). We check and approve the receipts, then our accountant transfers the money. This process usually takes around 3-4 weeks after the receipts have been approved and sent to the accountant. You have until mid-October at the latest (the sooner the better) to send the receipts.