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Read more about the [https://www.goingnowhere.org/en/artandinnovation/innovation-challenge Innovation Challenge]
Read more about the [https://www.goingnowhere.org/en/artandinnovation/innovation-challenge Innovation Challenge]
View the[https://www.goingnowhere.org/en/artandinnovation/innovations-archive Innovations Archive] for examples of past innovations projects.
View the [https://www.goingnowhere.org/en/artandinnovation/innovations-archive Innovations Archive] for examples of past innovations projects.
Questions? Email [mailto:innovation@goingnowhere.org innovation@goingnowhere.org]
Questions? Email [mailto:innovation@goingnowhere.org innovation@goingnowhere.org]
== Performance and Live Music ==
== Performance and Live Music ==

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Art, Performances, and Innovation Projects

Projects are a fundamental part of Nowhere. They include large art structures, sound installations, art cars, participatory workshops, live performances, and projects to improve Nowhere. All projects are gifted to the community by the artist or inventor.

Making an Art Project

Art projects are participatory projects. They bring people together and get them to interact and have fun in a variety of ways. If you have an idea for an art project, you can apply for an Art Grant. Read the guidelines, send us a short Letter of Intent (optional but recommended especially if you require a large grant), then fill out the registration form to apply.

Applications for 2017 Art Grants will open 1 February and close 31 May.

In 2017, Nowhere is offering grants up to €4000.

In 2017 we have a rolling review process. You submit your proposal and within three weeks we will tell you if it has been approved or not, or we will contact you to discuss it further. You can request any amount up to € 4000, but please be reasonable in what you request. We appreciate people who make an effort in keeping their costs as low as possible.

We stress the importance of applying as early as possible. Projects who submit first have a better chance of being fully funded than those who submit at the last minute, as our funds run out over time.

Making an Innovation Project

Innovation projects are practical projects that improve Nowhere, perhaps by saving water, recycling rubbish or finding a clever way to speed up the build process. Whatever your idea, if you know a way to make Nowhere even better, you can apply for an Innovation Grant and get help and funding. Read the guide on the Innovation page to find out how.

Applications for the 2017 grant open 3 February and close 26 May. Applicants can receive up to 750€ or 70% of the project budget, whichever is lower.

Round 1 deadline: 24 March

Round 2 deadline: 26 May

Applicants can receive up to 750€ or 70% of the project budget, whichever is lower.

To apply, use the form on the Innovation Grant Page

New in 2017: the Innovation Challenge

We always have lots of good projects, but could maturing them make them even better? It works for cheese and wine. In 2017 we're trialing a new idea where Nobodies can use idea-sharing tools to develop extra-big projects together. Then the community will choose their favorite and that will get the largest grant yet: 1500€. As before, ideas can address any topic as long as it solves a problem.

Read more about the Innovation Challenge

View the Innovations Archive for examples of past innovations projects.

Questions? Email innovation@goingnowhere.org

Performance and Live Music

Whether you are a performer, a musician, a cabaret starlet, a clown, a mime, an actor, a director, a producer, a choreographer, Nowhere needs you!

Nowhere doesn't pay entertainers and we don't own the performance – Nowhere simply provides you with a blank canvas on which to nurture and explore your ideas.

There are numerous opportunities to perform, including the Opening Ceremony, the Saturday Night Cabaret, or as one of many individual acts that perform at the event's center stage, the Middle of Nowhere (MoN). Perhaps you'd like to perform in a barrio-organized cabaret, or do a spontaneous solo act? There are endless possibilities. Make sure to Register your act so that we can help point you to resources that are available to you, opportunities for performance on site, and potential collaborators. You can also use the Forums to connect with others to collaborate.

Questions? Contact performance@goingnowhere.org.

Funding Available

Nowhere offers Performance Grants (Usually €100-150 Euros) to help performers cover costs of performing at Nowhere.

Opening Ceremony

Our big opening show that really gets Nowhere started. We are always looking for performers or creators to inspire, devise and run this epic show . If you have any ideas or would like to perform, please get in touch performance@goingnowhere.org.

Applications for Performance Grants open 1 February and close 17 April 2017''.

Learn more about performance grants.

DJs at Nowhere

If you're a DJ looking for a place to spin, we've got you covered.

As much as we all love to dance to the beeps and bops of electronic dance music, we're after as wide a range of music as possible – so don't limit yourself! If you fancy spinning Balkan beats or Cajun blues or Brazillian samba, we want to hear it!

So if you love to DJ, check out the Barrios page or head to the forums to contact the Barrios and ask if you can play a slot on their sound systems. Each Barrio has their own favorite sounds, so just come along and play.

At the Middle of Nowhere (MoN), we have workshops and live music performances throughout the day and night. If you would like to provide some motivating music for our workshops or in between our live performances then please contact mon@goingnowhere.org (please include the name of your act in the subject line).

Finding Collaborators & Getting Involved

Volunteers are always needed to help people bring their projects to life. If you want help with your project or if you are interested in getting involved with a project, email art@goingnowhere.org, innovation@goingnowhere.org, or performance@goingnowhere.org. You can also use the forums to find collaborators or projects to work on.