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Consent generally refers to a person's voluntarily agreement to the proposal or desires of another.

Consent comes into play in a variety of interactions that are common within the Nowhere community:

  • Physical affection, ranging from hugs to sexual contact
  • Sharing food and beverages
  • Photography and film
  • Assigning and accepting work

Failure to check for or respect consent in any of these situations can lead to some serious harm. Because Community, Co-operation, and Inclusion are some of our guiding principles, we'd like to avoid causing harm to each other if possible!

Nowhere is an incredibly diverse community, and we value a diverse range of viewpoints and types of self-expression. Our principles also place high value on self-management and self-reliance. For these reasons, clear verbal (explicit) communication is very important to ensure that each person’s boundaries are understood and respected.

NoBED, Yes!BED is a project launched at London Decom in 2014 foster a culture of open, respectful communication around sex and physical contact within the Euroburner community.

Join the Facebook group or contact to get involved.

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